Civic in the City


Although our regular concert activities have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, KCCO musicians have been meeting in small groups to rehearse and perform while maintaining appropriate safety measures.  An expansion of our outreach efforts, begun by violinist Jennifer Mitchell, “Civic in the City” is a series of recitals prepared and performed in various neighborhoods around town.  Debbie Allen, principal clarinetist, began the neighborhood performances with a series of four recitals in her neighborhood in June and July of 2020.  We now have spring/summer 2021 performances scheduled, with duos, trios, and quartets performing outdoors for appreciative audience members.

Please note that, in order to maintain appropriate social distancing in these small, neighborhood locations, we must limit the number of attendees at these performances. Therefore, specific location information will be available by request only. If you would like to attend a performance, please email us for location information and other Civic in the City updates.

Upcoming Performance Dates

August 5 in KCMO
August 29 (TBD)
Previous Performances

A highlight of Civic in the City is the performance of an original composition for string quartet, As The River Flows, written by our own Debbie Allen.  The inspiration for the composition was watching nature unfold in all its glory while sheltering in place, at the onset of the virus.  As The River Flows includes three movements: Life Endures, Nature Restores, and Water Glistens.