Current Season


KCCO’s 62nd Season

The Kansas City Civic Orchestra Board of Directors and I having been working towards an official announcement of our 2020 – 2021 concert season. In order to plan a responsible and artistically satisfying season we have been holding internal meetings, participating in meetings with other arts organizations, and consulting Kansas City and Johnson County Health Department guidelines while also referencing CDC recommendations.

Our mission is to provide a wonderful musical experience, and to do this we must be able to create an environment in which our music can be heard. It is no surprise that COVID 19 has made the Civic Orchestra (and other arts organizations) stop and rethink what the upcoming season might look and sound like. We are working hard to address the changes in the best way possible for our musicians and our audience.

Please check back on this webpage for updates on the 2020 – 2021 concert season, or sign up to receive updates in your inbox by using the form in the sidebar.


We are grateful for your support of the Kansas City Civic Orchestra!

Chris Kelts, Music Director